LFG 4-Man Heroic Violet Hold?

Again with the Violet Hold heroic daily. Why is that one so common? Who knows. Anyway, I joined a pick up group with three folks who shared a guild with each other– a druid, a warrior and a shaman – along with a random death knight. We headed in, and up to our first boss it was uneventful. Moragg came out and for whatever reason,  our healer (the shaman) was disconnected. We had to four-man him without a proper healer – and we did it. Yes! Our druid picked up the healing duties while still firing away at the boss. Our healer got back in as we were working our way to the second boss. Cyanigosa at the end was a pain, because I was generating more threat then our tank (the warrior). We won without anyone dying, which was nice, and our group’s improvisation during the Moragg fight was impressive. I even led in DPS with 1.9k, despite having to back off a few times to let the tank re-focus foes (like Cyanigosa).

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