Holy Gavelier, I did it!

D’you remember the times I talked about getting everyone killing Heroic Violet Hold, over and over again? It appears that those days are over. lol

I opted to heal it again today, and wow, did it go smoothly. With the drops I got in Naxx, plus some regemming of my gear, I healed through – from start to finish – with no deaths. Yes! That damned Void Lord nearly killed us all, but I got through it (somehow). I was also able to stay on top of my mana pool, and I kept it from running dry at any point during the run. Cyanigosa was again a pushover. With only our tank taking any serious damage, it was just a matter of keeping her alive. It did take both my bubble and a lay on hands spell at different times in the run to keep me alive, though. I  found that I don’t really watch the fights; I just focus on my Healbot health bars and click on them as needed. Our tank had a habit of leading mobs out of our range though, and nearly died twice or so as a result. She’d be kiting mobs for no reason and I – as well as everyone else – would have to chase them. She’d get down to 40% health or so and I’d have to cast holy light and holy shock to get her back to form. Oh well. She said it’d been a while since she’d tanked… but it had been a while since I healed, too, and that turned out ok, as well.

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