Heroic Violet Hold, Twice a Day?

Well, I completed Heroic Violet Hold again this evening, making that two clears in one day. How is that possible, you say? Don’t you get locked out after attempting it once per day? The answer: Yes, you can only do a heroic dungeon once a day. However, I did my first run just before the lockout reset in the morning, so my first run technically came yesterday. In any case, completing it made me exalted with the Argent Crusade. This is just another step for me towards the Crusader title I want.

That second Violet Hold run was with guildies and a good friend of the guild, so it was much more relaxing. I forgot how comforting it is to be around people you know! We were going to go tackle Heroic Nexus, but we were just starting to clear out some of the trash mobs when my guild’s second in command said, “sorry,” and hearthed away, before logging off. It turns out that “real life” had called him, and as much as I wanted to run that dungeon, real life takes precedent over WoW any day of the week. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow.

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