Good Times at the Tournament

I ran Trial of the Champions again last night for kicks. I needed something to do, and I’m still after the Banner of Victory, so running ToC seemed like a nice fit. I ended up in a  sweet pick-up group with a pally tank, a shadow priest, a resto shaman and a mage. It turned out to be the smoothest run of that instance I’d ever been on. No pressure, no near-death experiences, and certainly no dying. I got zilch from the run, but it was a good time. Our ‘memory’ foe was again VanCleef, who seems to be who I get just about every run. I also ended up getting the 100 Stone Keeper Shards achievement while I was at it.

In other news, I finally got exalted with the Silver Covenant and earned access to their daily quests. It’s nothing particularly special, but it was worth mentioning, since it was one of my current goals.

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