Down That Dragon Again

There I was, sitting outside the Violet Hold with an hour and a half to go before my dailies reset, holding the Heroic Daily quest to go in and slay Cyanigosa. I was unlikely to find a group this late. Or was I?

A pally tank was throwing together a quick last-minute run and I got an invite. He had a guildie coming along (a rogue) and had gathered a DPS Death Knight and a resto druid. We got a final DPS DK and went to head in, but the rogue was locked out from earlier in the day. Ok, scratch that. We got another DPS, and tried again, but our first DPS DK was also locked out. Finally, after trying for 15 minutes to get a group that was eligible, we entered the dungeon. The pally who started the group said he was hoping to find the tanking pants from this dungeon so he could max out his defense rating, and had been trying for quite some time. We wished him good luck and began the run. With only minor setbacks (the healer nearly died on Moragg, but I used Holy Light to heal him back up) we cleared it with less then 20 minutes to spare. I got the Solitaire of Reflecting Beams from Moragg for my healing kit, but more importantly, our tank got that drop he wanted, and we all completed the daily. It was a win-win all around.

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