Winning in Wintergrasp, This Time in Absentia

I hate Wintergrasp. I hate is sooo bad. Not because I keep dying, but because I can’t let it go. I joined a defensive battle today, this time going prot instead of ret. I died twice, killed about three people, and then… the game crashed. I was back at the desktop. We were being steamrolled at the time, and the Horde was already in the first front gate with just under 20 minutes to go. I logged back in, expecting to be in a Horde-infested fortress, but instead, I arrived in the game to my corpse. Once rezzed at the graveyard, I was in for a shock: there was under four minutes to go and we were holding! WTF?! I bolted to the front lines and we held those last couple minutes and won. Wow. I told everyone I was very impressed.

What now? I was going to give Wintergrasp up, but now… I’m not so sure. It’s like golf that way; I’ll have a terrible round and be ready to put my clubs on eBay, but there’ll be a good shot or two at the end that brings me back. It happens every time, and Wintergrasp seems the same. I’m elated that we won, but I’m torn on my conviction to leave WG and never look back. We’ll see what happens.

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