WG Triumph under Fire

In my latest Wintergrasp match tonight, I was again on defense. Allot of defensive battles for the Alliance on my server, to be honest. Anyway, it went haywire about ten minutes in. I spent the first 8-10 minutes on a northwestern cannon, and did fairly well. Around 10 minutes in, though, the Horde made their push, and broke down most of the western walls.

WG_Battle1You can see where I marked my cannon, but the important parts are all of the red x’s. Those were parts of the fort that the Horde dropped. Yup, half of the fort was down. I’m not sure about the far eastern half, since I was so preoccupied with the west. Anyway, we won again, this time destroying their towers and cutting their attack short. The last tower fell as we were being swamped at the gate with mere minutes to go. I actually didn’t die, either, thanks to lots of healing spells and good luck. I went in as a retadin for a change, and enjoyed being a little killing machine again. I was happy to take on a siege engine, one-on-one, because they were easy, slow-moving prey to me. According to the game, I helped account for 178 kills this match. Hell yeah!

In respect to my prot spec, I bought a Titansteel Bonecrusher today, and spent about an hour or two leveling my one-handed mace skills. Hopefully that’ll up my prot DPS a little.

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