Testing Ret Paladin Damage on PTR

Ok, I’m not the best at this, but I decided to test a paladin’s damage output on the PTR vs Live, given the changes to our seals (non-random damage on Seal of Command, no more Seal of the Martyr). Here’s what I’ve found.

(My testing was done on the lvl. 80 testing dummies rather then mobs or NPCs, for the sake of consistency. I used Skada to gather the data)

  • On live, Seal of the Martyr was by far my best DPS seal at 1.84k DPS. The seal itself accounted for about 25% of the damage done, with base attacks second at 16.7% and Divine Storm at 13.2%. The Judgment of the Martyr did only 7.2% of the damage.
  • Seal of Command on live was a steep drop off on damage, making for only 1.54k DPS. White attack damage stood for almost 25% of the damage, with Consecration second at 22.1% and Judgment of Command third at 13.3%. The seal only accounted for 8.8% of the damage.
  • Seal of Vengeance on live was better then Command, but not by allot, at 1.61k DPS. Again, white attack damage made up most of the attack, at 21.8% of the damage, with Consecration second at 14.8% with Divine Storm  third at 14.3%. Holy Vengeance was third at 13.5% while Judgment of the seal was worth only 9.9%.
  • Now, on the PTR, I first made a mistake. I thought my DPS had jumped allot, but… I was attacking lvl. 70 dummies. That makes me a dummy. Once I figured that out, I was able to get these numbers.
  • My consistent DPS did jump, though, with Seal of Command making for 1.93k DPS. The  seal actually made for 22.8% of the damage now, with Divine Storm next, accounting for 18.9% and Consecration third at 16.7%.  Judgment of the seal was only good for 5.9% though.
  • Seal of Vengeance’s damage on PTR was also up, with 1.88k DPS. Here, Divine Storm was worth 19.2% of the damage, the seal next at 15.9% and white damage worth 14.9%.  Holy Vengeance was worth 12.2%, consistent with what I found on live.

What have we found out?  Well, burst damage is down. I was unable to lay on a ton of damage in a second or two like before, but in protracted battles, ret pally damage is up. Seal of the Martyr did better burst damage, but the improvements to Command makes it good for normal battles, while Seal of Vengeance would be good for long fights where you can stack it the five times needed for full damage.

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