Sunken Temple Slays Gavelier

sunkentemple Yesterday I opted to run myself through the Sunken Temple in the Swamp of Sorrows, but forgot to post the results. Here’s what happened.

Finding the entrance to the dungeon proper in that temple brought back vague memories of the Deadmines, but once in, it became several times worse. Who designed that nightmarish layout?! I had more trouble with getting lost then I did with any of the mobs. Nothing could hardly lay a hand on me, which doesn’t explain this screenie.


Yes, I died. I’m embarrassed as hell about it, too. Like I said, none to the mobs could hurt me (as it should be with a 30+ level difference), so how did I die? Well, there’s a hole in the middle of the main chamber, with what looked like water at the bottom. Not finding anything interesting up where I was, I dove in. It turns out that there was water down there, but it was only ankle-deep, so I died on impact. Now released at an external graveyard, I was stumped as to how I was supposed to get back to my body in the dungeon. The entrance was past an underwater-only tunnel, and ghosts walk on water. Now what…? Thank goodness for WoWiki and Wowhead, as they guided me through this problem and the rest of the dungeon. Apparently ghosts can swim if they ‘steer’ themselves into the water using mouse look. Once in, I used the two sites to learn about killing the trolls on the platforms around the main chamber. I also read to kill every mob in the main chamber to prevent the final boss from summoning them to it’s aid.

I cleansed the dungeon with relative ease after that, with only minor griping because the place was so freaking big. The Shade of Eranikus was easy prey, and I got the dungeon achievement. I was so frustrated by that point, with the inane layout, the constant running around, and huge size of the rooms and more that I just hearthed out at that point to go pay my 6g in repair bills. I didn’t even feel compelled to complete the quest from Essence of Eranikus, either. Stupid hole.

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