Reindeer Take Over Dalaran

Attention  WoW players on the Cairne-US server: If you’re seeing a recent influx of reindeer in Dalaran, I’m sorry. It was my fault. I take full responsibility for the reindeer boom.

Now you may be asking what this is all about and how it’s my fault. Let me explain; A guildie of mine and some of his friends have recently been doing mammoth parades around Dalaran for kicks during down time. I wanted to mess with them but I don’t have a mammoth, nor any other rare-ish mount. What I did have, though, was preserved holly. Allot of it. So, I got on my bear mount and used the holly, producing a reindeer. I ran around them saying that “Rudolph said for all mammoths to go home.” People laughed, so I added, “However, Rudolph also says he wants a Coke, so maybe he’s just cranky.” More laughs ensued. I followed them around, and at one point raced ahead of them, standing in their path. As they walked through me I yelled aloud about them trampling Rudolph. My guildie’s buddy said, “Gav, you and Rudolph go somewhere.” So I said that we were going to go deliver toys to all the good boys and girls. I went to the landing pad and turned my gryphon into a reindeer. I circled the dock for a while before swooping down on the parade, mid-town.

Now this was all just a fun lark one night. We thought nothing of it. I logged back in tonight, and Dalaran was loaded with reindeer. I saw no less then seven of them, when I’d never seen any there before my joyride. I doubt it was just a coincidence. I hadn’t seen a reindeer since last winter, and now they’re everywhere. Again, I apologize to players on my server. I guess all great minds just think alike.

And the dumb ones do, too.

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