Of Fireworks and Petting Paladins

The Fourth of July may have already passed, but I took time out tonight to go see fireworks. At four in the morning. lol Of course, I was playing WoW, and the show I saw was in Stormwind.

fireworksminigav It was a nice show. Lots of color, flash and noise.  Oh, and people. Lots of people. People from all walks of WoW were there. Alliance folk, anyway. One interesting sight was Cheradora and her little pet paladin.

Yup, that’s me. She hit me with Baby Spice, and poof – I’m a mini-pally. She then petted me. Let me repeat that: she… petted… me! Oh well. I took out my Toasting Goblet and toasted to her. Her buddy, Thezrah, cheered for both me and my cat I had out, so I toasted to her, too. Why not? It was a holiday.

I was actually in Dalaran until about a minute to the hour, fishing in Dalaran’s fountain. I fished up Aduin Wrynn’s gold coin, of all things while there. I want to know what happens if I throw it back into the fountain. I know I lose it, but is there a buff for that, or is it just a sentimental thing? I’ll have to try it and find out.

Anyway, happy late Fourth of July, everyone.

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