M-Striders, WG, SM-ARM and STRATH, Oh My

GavMechaStrider Today’s another big day in the adventures of Gavelier. I’m now able to be known to the world as Gavelier of Gnomeregan, as I’m now an Exalted Champion of Gnomeregan. I got to exalted status with the gnomes via the Draenei Argent Valiant dailies, actually, as the Draenei are now the only Alliance race I’m not exalted with. Of course, with exalted status comes mounts, so Gav finally has his Mechanostrider, as seen here.

Of course, since I’m now working on Leading the Cavalry, the achievement for 50 mounts, I bought all the available m-striders. That added up to almost 300g spent in a one stop (4x normal land mounts at 8g each – 32g – and 3x epic land mounts at 80g each – 240g – makes for 272g total). Fortunately, all the dailies I’m doing are making it easier for me to spend money on trivial things now. BTW, I’m now at 32 mounts, with six Elelks yet to earn and four more gryphons to buy. That would put my at 42, meaning I still need to find eight more somewhere. I really hate grinding rep with the Kurenai in Nagrand, but their Tabulks may be my best option, as there’s eight of ‘em.

In unrelated news, I’m about ready to swear off Wintergrasp. I’ve been really ineffective there lately, dying allot and not killing much of anyone. I actually resorted to healing in a recent match because no one would die for me. Geez, and I was doing so well for a while. What gives? I can only imagine that allot of other players have gear from Ulduar now, putting me even further behind the curve, with that Argent Tournament dungeon opening up soon to seal my fate. Oh, that and the Horde gets a ton of Tenacity every stupid match. That’s just not fair for me, since I’m already at a disadvantage by not running dungeons or raids. Like I said, I may just swear off Wintergrasp. It’s not everyone else’s problem, it’s mine, so I may just give it up rather then fight it.

Lastly, tonight I re-ran Scarlet Monastery: Armory (for a Scarlet Tabard) and Stratholme: Undead (for Rivendare’s Deathcharger), and came up empty on both counts. Dammit.

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