Into the Nexus

I logged in tonight to find a group of my guildies half way through Heroic Nexus, and they were short a healer. Guess who got another trial by fire? lol

I slapped on my holy gear and flew on down. I entered the dungeon to find everyone way, way in the back, past some mobs. Great. One of them killed me before I could even meet up with the group. After I rezzed and met up with everyone, I faced my biggest challenge: massive lag. I had such latency issues that I’d click a spell and have to wait a few seconds before it’d cast. That could mean life or death for the whole party as a healer. We killed our first boss (their third overall; remember, I joined late), Ormorok the Tree-Shaper, with little fanfare. I got silenced a few times, but we lived. On to the final boss, Keristrasza!

This was a pain, because the boss kept using a damage over time frost spell that made it hard to keep everyone alive. Our first attempt failed when our tank died (damn lag), letting the boss loose. Try number two failed when I died from that DOT spell. Third time, as they say, was the charm. We learned to move to shake the frost spell, so that was less of an issue. Our tank got killed again, but the rest of us dropped the dragon. We rezzed the tank, doled out the loot and some ‘gratz,’ and headed back to civilization to regroup and repair. As usual, no loot for me, but I got some more intensive healing training. Some day I may be able to be a regular healer for the guild.

I still prefer being DPS, though.

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