Gav’s Siege Engine Factory

I rode to battle in Wintergrasp again today, for the first time in quite a while. Anyway, I started the raid, but was a lousy leader as far as getting people organized, so I willingly passed the reigns to another player at the behest of one Measjajabink.  The battle started, and it took me a few minutes to get ranked up to make catapults. My first one was destroyed, but I survived thanks to my bubble. A funny anecdote involves an undead rogue attempting to kill me, but he gets killed himself just via my Retribution Aura (he attacked me while already fairly hurt).

I finally earned enough kills to make Siege Engines, and after I made my first, Measjajabink recommended I get out of it and make another. I soon began a Siege Engine production line, churning out one after another. Thanks to this endless supply of Siege Engines, we took the keep with 12 minutes to spare. Afterwards, a number of people thanked me, including Meas. I felt that, while it was rather boring, it helped us win and that’s what mattered. Down with the Horde!

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