Gav’s First Ten Man Dungeon

Sarth My guild asked for all eligible level 80s to help on 10-man Obsidian Sanctum, and since I qualified, I tagged along. My first trick was figuring out where OS was. Once I did that, we ran through two backup healers before opting for another DPS and my guild leader respeccing his alt for healing.

We did ok clearing the western half of the dungeon, but the start of the eastern half was shaky.  We wiped on trash mobs when they ganged up on the main tank who promptly died, allowing the mobs to run amok amongst the rest of us. After that, we fought Vesperon, and I was part of the contingent chosen to go into the portals with the off-tank, along with the rest of the DPS and one of our healers. That fight was no big deal. Sartharion, though… that was a beast. I was warned to avoid the lava waves, to which I said, “what lava waves?” After it was explained, my guild leader on his restoration druid whispered to me to help with the healing to keep the tank alive. So, I was to pour on the damage and help keep the tank alive? *gulp*

Sarthdown As you can see, it all worked out. No one died, but I did get hit by one of the lava waves I was warned about. I was dying in a hurry, but Lay on Hands and Cleanse saved my hide. I then turned on my Fire Resistance Aura to help everyone cope. I kept one eye on everyone’s health bars and kept Sacred Shield on the main tank, firing off a Flash of Light when necessary. I got a few more Emblems of Heroism, but no loot. Oh well, maybe next time.

One last note: compared to my Heroic Violet Hold, I did much better, DPS-wise, ranking 2nd or 3rd, depending on whose recount you went by. My DPS in H VH was almost under 1k, but I nearly topped 2k in OS. Nice.

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