Gav’s First PUG

I did my first pick-up-group today. The Heroic Daily Dungeon was Violet Hold, but I missed my guild’s run, so I had to PUG it. I ended up with a prot pally tank, a resto druid healer, an arcane mage, and a hunter with a cat pet. It took us two tries to drop our first boss (Ichoron), with everyone dying but myself and the hunter. I held on so long that our healer came back from the graveyard before I fell, but fall I did. We tried it again from the start and went on to sweep through it. Cyanigosa was more difficult then necessary, because I ran out of mana about 4/5ths through the fight. One runic mana potion wasn’t enough, as I ran OOM again, but we did it.  I topped the DPS meters this time, with over 1.7k. Yes! I’m getting better! No loot again, though.

I also now have 25 Emblems of Heroism, so I can pick from some neat loot at the heroic vendor. What will I pick? We’ll see.

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