Gav Starts on Netherwing Rep

Today I decided I wanted to head back to the Outlands in hopes of earning favor with the Netherwing faction. The goal, of course is one other their mounts. I was going strong until I hit the quest to kill Zuluhed the Whacked. It was touch and go for a while, but Zuluhed eventually lived up to his name and got whacked. He wasn’t the big issue; the big problems in the fight were the slew of archers around me and those damned demons he summoned. I was put under 20% health early in the battle while he was still over 60%, so I bubbled and unleashed a couple of Holy Lights. I only had time for two, and the first didn’t help allot. The second, though, crit and maxed my health back out. Luck was with me! I ran out of mana on the last of the demons, so I chugged a mana potion and finished the job. I completed that quest line and now I’m on to a series of dailies to work on that rep.

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