Gav in the Oculus? That’s a Dungeon!

TheOculus Well, I’ve got interesting news to report this time. I was doing some wheeling and dealing in Darnassus when a couple guildies messaged me to join them for the last boss of the Oculus. They’d killed everyone up to Ley-Guardian Eregos, where one of their team left. They needed a DPS, and I fit the bill. I asked if I needed to know anything going in and they gave me a quick rundown: fly my drake up to the boss and apply as much damage as humanly possible.  Chunkeyman, ßloodraven, Sanctifier and I were among the representatives of our guild in this five-man party. I did ultimately die in the climatic battle, but no matter, the boss was slain and the rewards were doled out. I didn’t get anything out of it because nothing was an improvement on my current gear (Helm of the Ley-Guardian vs. my Charged Titanium Specs and Malygo’s Favor vs. my Claymore of the Prophet). My big reward? I was able to be helpful to the guild, and that’s better then any gear in the game, to me. Maybe I’ll tag along next time they run an instance, and see if I can make it through without being a dead weight. lol

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