Gav Heals Violet Hold, Take Two

I was given a second chance this morning, and I kinda, sorta took advantage of it. The guildie who took me to Violet Hold to heal last time invited me back to do it again. Some people are gluttons for punishment, I guess. Anyway, I’d upped my spell power by almost 300 points and installed Healbot since then, so I was ready. We did ok, and again cleared it in one try, but again there was allot of dying. I died this time, too. Twice. No one died in the fight with Cyanigosa this time, though. She was toast in no time. All in all it was an experience, and experience is what I need right now, as much as gear. We also got A Void Dance, but that required my guildie who invited me all but soloing Zuramat after we all died.

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