Gav Got Manabonk’d!

I was fishing in Dalaran’s sewers tonight, when I saw spell approach from the side. It hit, and I was sheeped. So there I am, a poor sheep, looking for my attacker, and there’s this dude, Manabonk, looking at me. He then teleports away, leaving me confused as hell. Finally, I get a letter in the mail that one ‘Minigob Manabonk’ had Manabonked me, and for my ‘cooperation’, he gave me my own manabonker, The Mischief Maker.  Now, I couldn’t afford to let that opportunity slide, could I? I ran up to my nearest guildie and manabonked them. Fair play, I feel.

I had actually just arrived back in Dalaran from trying to help some guildies finish Azjol-Nerub. Anub’arak wiped us no less then three times before we gave up. Last time, we kicked his butt soundly. This time… I don’t know what the problem was. Our tank kept dying, so it could have been a bad night for the tank, or our weak link could have been our new healer, or maybe we just weren’t doing enough damage fast enough. My DPS was down some 3k points because I had to keep stopping to heal myself or let the tank re-focus the boss. Oh well. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

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