End Game or No End Game?

A hot-button topic right now seems to be WotLK’s endgame. What constitutes end-game content, why you play at lvl 80, and if/why leveling matters. Personally, I had a great time leveling Gavelier to 80, but I wouldn’t do it again. It’s such a grind, even with the leveling speed improvements and earlier mounts. As everyone who reads this blog knows, I don’t run dungeons or raids, either (except for low level ones I can solo). What keeps me playing? Dailies, new gear/achievements/mounts, and my guild. I’m looking forward to the new patch for some new Argent Tournament dailies and getting Lug and Crane their mounts, but after that I’m probably going to be twiddling my thumbs (in-game, of course), waiting to hear about WoW’s next expansion.

I hate it when people try to impress on others that raiding and running dungeons is the only way to play this game. C’mon, folks… if you’re having fun, isn’t that enough? Must you rip folks who don’t want to commit to that? How about people who insist that hitting level 80 is the one true goal in the game? Altoholics will argue that it’s not. Now that Gav’s level 80, I have trouble going back to play my lower level toons, although that was a problem long before 80, starting around level 40 or so. For those who are working their way through the grind, I think that level 40 is the break point. Once past that, Gavelier seemed to level quicker and more smoothly. I had most of my main powers by that point and had settled on my play style, so at that point, it came down to refining that style and keeping my gear up to date. At lvl 58 the Outlands provide new scenery for leveling, and once you get to Northrend you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Setting short-term goals is important both while leveling and when you hit the level cap, as well as a long-term goal or two. For my characters, Lug wants to get Pig his second talent point at level 24, Crane is training his inscription skill, while Gavelier wants a drake or proto-drake.

The endgame is as strong as ever, but it’s not the ultimate goal for everyone. Don’t force feed other players how to play, alright? If they’re having fun, and they’re not bothering other players, let ‘em.

In other news, I’ve started skydiving off of a tower in Dalaran with Gavelier and his enchanted cloak, with aspirations of doing the same off of Dalaran proper. Smart? Probably not. But it’ll be a rush, and that’s what I’m after. lol

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