Cyanigosa Gets Her Revenge

Cyanigosa is dead again, but this time not without some drama. One of my guild’s leaders and I went with three others into Heroic Violet Hold tonight. It was me (a ret pally), my guildie (a death knight tank), another death knight, another ret paladin, and a n00b. I mean, a restoration shaman. She wasn’t the best healer though, to be honest. She had a gear score of almost 2k points less then the rest of us, and she wasn’t too experienced. So, it was not a huge surprise when we all died (it was sort of a surprise that we got to Cyanigosa before wiping, but that’s neither here nor there). When I went to ghost out, my game crashed. It took me awhile to get back in, and when I did another guildie had taken my place. I didn’t begrudge them one bit for replacing me. In fact, I was hoping that they weren’t sitting around waiting on me. However, once back (and after the group wiped again), I was re-instated to the group, much the the chagrin of the shaman. Why, I don’t know. I guess she just liked the my other guildie better (they were both girls). We promptly died again when the healer went ahead of us and got killed.

It was clear what our weak link was, but how to fix it? My guildie had a plan: we told the shaman we were breaking the run off, at which point she left. We promptly inserted a druid healer with a gear score 700 points higher then mine. Yes! The rest of the run was rather uneventful, aside from some joking about the shaman. We quickly cleared the dungeon and I got a total of 5 emblems of heroism out of it (two the first time, and three when we tried again). I now have enough to buy a libram at the EoH vendor, but I’m not enamored with the one available. It’s buff to my Seal of Command would be great, if I actually used that spell. As it is, I don’t, and probably won’t before patch 3.2 removes Seal of the Martyr.

What I find interesting is that we died over and over with this shaman, but I healed my group yesterday through in one try. People died, yes, but we didn’t ever wipe. I guess I’m not too sucky of a healer.

BTW, I did remember grab the dragon’s head this time. I also didn’t get any loot. Again. WoW has it out for me for mocking dungeons.

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