Conflict of Interests

Anyone who’s been reading this blog has probably noticed a severe dichotomy in my posts the last couple of days. Four days ago, I ripped raiding and instances. Three days ago I went to my first Heroic dungeon with my guild. Two days ago I joined them in my first 10-man raid. What’s happened? I’ll elaborate.

My guild has been asking me for a while to join them for a while now. I enjoy going with them but I have this huge fear of letting everyone down. I also still hate hardcore raiders with a passion. The ‘do everything the hard way, up hill, both ways’ thought process irks me. It finally dawned on me this morning, though, that I’m kinda just being drug along by my guild. I don’t feel I’m truly pulling my own weight here. I think this leaves me with two options: stop running instances with the guild, or put in double time so I can hold my own. For now, I’m opting for the latter. We’ll see how it goes.

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