Azjol-Nerub Falls!

Tonight we – my guild – ran another heroic, this time Azjol-Nerub. I was tentative at first, since I wasn’t sure how my DPS would hold up against my guildies. Well, the answer was swift: at least among the group we brought, I was tops. lol Capping 2k DPS allowed me to lead the offense and earned me a “Damn, Gav,” from a guild mate. I also had to tank a few times as the baddies would turn on me. On top of all that (as if that wasn’t enough) I tossed a few heals around to keep us alive. We absolutely blitzed that dungeon, no question. I also got my first nice drop, Flamebeard’s Bracers. The comments on Wowhead say,

These are the highest crit rating bracers available to holy paladins and unless you really like your mp5, they are arguably second only to a drop from Grobulus in Heroic Naxx.

Every holy paladin should make a point of farming for these.

Score! I got ‘em in one run. My guild is great, and I’m still really happy to be in it. They had no qualms with passing out the loot as needed, plus we rolled greed on everything that no one in particular needed. This process netted me another Frozen Orb. lol Now, what to do with it…

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