Mount Up Much Earlier

Ok, I’m more then a little miffed now. There’s a huge change in the upcoming patch 3.2 that I don’t agree with. Mount training levels are being altered. Here’s a rundown.

  • Regular land mounts will be trainable at level 20 instead of 30
  • Epic land mounts will be available at level 40 instead of 60
  • Regular flying mounts will be available at level 60 instead of 70
  • Regular flying mounts speed has been buffed from 60% to 150%

This irritates me on a number of levels. I understand the concept: help people level their alts faster and remove tedium from the early game, getting people to the new content faster. However, I dislike this concept. Mounts being trainable at 20 is a little early. I thought level 30 was perfect; halfway to the Outlands, you get your mount. I also think that level 70 was ideal for a flying mount. I don’t see how anyone can enjoy the Outlands when they’re just flying from point A to point B, skipping all of the sights and sounds below.

I can hear people crying now; “I’ve done all this before, and I don’t want to have to slog my alt through all of the old content again! This is a great change that will speed this up!” However, it takes out of account those who are just beginning. What of those for whom this would be how they would first experience the Outlands? As much as I love flying, I think having to go by land for your first time through content is paramount to getting the most out of it.

Here’s my compromise. Make these level changes something akin to the Death Knight. For example, once you hit a certain level, say level 70, you trigger a flag that allows you to enable the rushed mount level changes. Prior to getting your first avatar to that level, you have to go the old way. I think that this solves both problems. It’s probably not perfect, but it’s a start. Does anyone have a better idea?

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