Lug and Pig hit 20

I’ve been doing the Sons of Hodir dailies pretty much, well… daily for quite some time, and it’s paid off finally. Sorta. lol I hit Revered with them yesterday, and was able to pick up the Spaulders of the Giant Lords for Gav. They’re not particularly attractive, but whatever, their stats fit me better then my old Tempered Saronite Shoulders.

In other news, Lug dinged both levels 19 and 20 this morning, as did Pig. Now Lug’s got some new toys to play with, plus he qualifies for his mount when patch 3.2 hits. Pig got his fist talent point, which I spent on Charge. I could have upped his stamina or raised his armor, but I wanted him to better engage enemies. He’s, well… kinda slow. lol This makes him engage enemies much quicker to keep them off of me. Plus, it helps his DPS, which is nice. Lug also leveled up his leatherworking skill to 55 and his skinning to 130, so he made himself some new gloves. It’s been a busy night for the ol’ bull.

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