Gav’s Cooking Now!

It’s been an interesting evening so far for Gav. For one, I was test driving the nUI interface overhaul mod, and I disliked it. I actually came to hate it after it got me killed by a Blood Elf paladin in Sholozar Basin when I couldn’t find my powers to save myself after getting jumped. Why was I PvP in the first place? I actually came to the rescue of a Night Elf death knight under attack by said BE paladin. We killed it, but while fishing for the Ghostfish, the BE jumped me and I was unable to fight back. I promptly unloaded the mod.

In other news, I spent the last day or so with Gav in the Outlands, leveling my cooking skill, ultimately to level 350. I took that to Dalaran for a break when I noticed a blue “!” mark that I’d never seen before. I checked it out, and it was Katherine Lee, grand master cooking trainer, and questgiver for the cooking daily. Sweet! I promptly took up Cheese for Glowergold, and had it done in minutes. I can understand how that quest could be a pain in the ass sometimes, with people running all over each other to collect wine glasses that are sitting out, but it was easy this late at night when I was about the only one doing it. I got a bag of spices, as well as my first ever Dalaran Cooking Award. I was stumped as to what I was supposed to do with the award, but I ultimately found out that I could buy more recipes, Northern Spices, and a goofy chef’s hat. Not too exciting, but whatever.

Finally, I did complete the Ghostfish fishing daily, and of all things I got the Strand Crawler vanity pet. Not bad.

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