Of Swords and Silly Hats


Doing fishing dailies isn’t the key to riches, but it can be fun. It can also net you some neat fishing-related loot, like my new Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat. I’m able to use it for a fishing skill buff rather then having to lug around Bright Baubles or Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. This saves me a good bit of bag space.

In other news, Gav is now a Champion of Gnomeregan. Not an Exalted Champion (yet), just a champion. I’m five Champions Seals away from my sword now, too, so it’s within – at most – three days reach (I only do the Taking the Battle to the Enemy and Among the Champions Argent Champion dailies). Compare that new sword with my current club, and it’s a no-brainer, especially since I prefer swords, anyway.

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