Commander Down and Swords Up


Well, here’s a happy tale. I did my usual Argent Tournament dailies (Taking the Battle to the Enemy and Among the Champions) yesterday evening, bringing my champion’s seal total up to 22, and I needed 25 for my Claymore of the Prophet. Doing the dailies again this morning was quick, but still… I was going to be one short. What to do? How about rolling the dice on getting a champions seal in one of the Champion’s Purses I was going to get? Yeah! I was due!

No luck. I got my gold and that was that. That left me with two options: wait until tomorrow, or do that ‘other’ daily. I dreaded the thought of going through Battle Before the Citadel, because I didn’t like it’s Valiant variant, At the Enemy’s Gates. The flight to the fight was bad enough for me on my slow, non-epic flyer, but the thought of having to kill a Boneguard Commander made me cringe. I had been killed by them a few times doing At the Enemy’s Gates, so I was scared of them. But, if it was between that and waiting ‘till tomorrow… I was going to chance it. I flew down to the quest area, and promptly got swamped by every mob in the area. Yup, this was going to be fun.

I managed to outrun the mobs until only the commander was chasing me. I turned to fight, but I was already down to 19% health. Still, I got him down to 36% HP from max health before he killed my mount. I then whittled him further, down to under 10% on foot before I finally fell. “Huh,” I thought to myself, “These guys don’t hit any harder then the Champions I fight everyday!” Once that thought had occurred to me, it was on.

I saved one challenger from a commander, but since he had tagged him I didn’t get credit for it. Dammit. Next, I managed to pick off and kill a commander on my own with relative ease. As I was mopping up Boneguard Lieutenants, another aggro’d on me. I was down to 49% health at the time, but after learning of their comparability to Argent Champions, I just slowly backed off, led him to a quiet corner of the area and killed him. They may have massive range to chase you down (you really can’t run from them, which is mostly what got me killed all the other times), but they aren’t real tough. Getting one alone, however, can be.

Well, as you can see in my pic, I obviously completed the quest, got my 25th champion’s seal, and purchased my fancy new sword. I’m dying to try it out on something now. lol

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