Gavelier of Stormwind

GavOfStormwind I’m now officially Gavelier of Stormwind, exalted  champion for Stormwind in the Argent Tournament. I have a squire now, for god knows why, and I have the title to display to everyone now. That’s a good thing, I guess. My main goal is to nab a slew more Champion’s Seals to get a Claymore of the Prophet. In my battle with a champion to reach this rank, I started with no Defends stacked (apparently it’s timed and I took too long between firing them up and starting the battle), and quickly fell to a 48% HP to 88% HP hole. I fought back, though, and won with 13% HP left. Yes! You may notice my bright blue belt in this picture. It’s my new Icebane Girdle I picked up at the auction house a while back. It kinda stands out, huh? Oh, and with all of my battles in Wintergrasp, I bought a Deadly Gladiator’s Cloak of Victory at the Champion’s Hall in Stormwind for about 38k honor points. Speaking of Wintergrasp…

The other night I queued with the masses at the portal’s location in Dalaran to go assault WG. I got the last spot in the first raid, so figured I’d be in good shape, right? Well, the match started, and there was no portal. A minute passed, no portal. Finally, someone called out, “WE ARE NOW AN AIRFORCE! EVERYONE FLY IN!”. And so we did. We flew to the flight point on the eastern edge of the zone and began the attack. However, it seemed that we were to have all night to win. The timer broke as well, reading 00:00 instead of counting down. We quickly stormed up the gut of the fortress with little resistance and captured it in no time. I never died and nabbed about three killing blows – one of a troll who sat on his horse while I kicked his butt. He never responded, so i figured he didn’t care. lol A Tauren Warrior and I squared off head-to-head, and he almost won but I managed to bubble and heal, which caused him to look for new prey. So, another win, and an unorthodox one at that. Alliance FTW!

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