Gavelier in the Sky with Diamonds

GavAndHisDiamond Now that I’ve got my WoW account back, what do you think I did first? … Boy, you’re getting good at this! I’ve taken to Wintergrasp twice since getting my account back this morning. The first was a defensive slaughter. We stood no chance at all. The second match was a slugfest, but that’s not the interesting part. If that were all, it wouldn’t be worth posting here! No, as you can see in the picture, I got a diamond marker for this match.

Now WTF is that supposed to mean? Is it like a ‘team captain’ mark? Or ‘this player is bound to die allot, so take care protecting them?’ Maybe the raid leader was goofing around and the match started before he was set on who got a mark, and it just wasn’t important enough to futz with mid-match. The latter is most likely the case, but I like to think of it as the RL designating me a lead player for others to follow. lmao

For my part, I did extremely well. I nabbed more killing blows this match then in any before. I also took on two or more Hordies multiple times, dying only once in those scenarios. Maybe it was a pride thing; like I refused to look bad with this diamond over my head making everyone watch me. Whatever it was, it was fun.

After the first match, I was actually ready to quit WG. I was sick of the Horde nabbing near double-digit Tenacity every single match, making them nearly impossible to kill alone. They’d wipe us out with aplomb with massive crits and insurmountable HP numbers. This time, they only had Tenacity of x3, so it was manageable.

lol I just looked up the average use of the diamond in instances, and it usually is for a mob to be ‘banished or otherwise CC’d’ Damn. Was I supposed to go away? Who knows…

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