Fishing for Profit

Gav Fishing If you’ve been wondering what Gav’s been up to, well… the answer is “Not much.” Sorry ‘bout that. Betasim’s been home and I’ve been hanging with her allot, so WoW kinda got put on the back burner. Anyway, when I have logged in, it’s been mostly to run dailies. Yes, truly the stuff of epic legend. My favorites are Blowing Hodir’s Horn and Hot and Cold in Storm Peaks and the fishing daily in Dalaran. My fav fishing daily is Jewel of the Sewers, which you can catch Gav working on in this pic. I like it because I don’t have to leave Dalaran to do it. My least favorite fishing dailies are… well, all of the others (shy of maybe The Ghostfish), but especially Monsterbelly Appetite, because of how far I have to trek to get it done. Dangerously Delicious is, well, dangerous because I have to be in Wintergrasp to do it. It’s best done in a pack. lol I’m also continuing my work on championing Gnomeregan in the Argent Tournament and earning the Claymore of the Prophet. That’s a true hero’s reward.

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Hi, I’m Alphasim . I’ve been playing World of WarCraft for four years now and my main is a level 85 human paladin named Gavelier. Gav features prominently here at Alazar so you'll get to know him and his guild.

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