Blood Elf Helps Human, Human Very Confused

Ok, an odd occurrence tonight at the Argent Tournament. I’m working on becoming a champion of the gnomes, primarily for the rep gains.  Rep-wise, I’m currently exalted with humans, night elves and now dwarves (as of a week or so ago), so only the Draenei and gnomes are left, and I still want a mechanostrider. I picked up a Swift White Ram as soon as I hit exalted with the dwarves to go with my Swift Stormsaber in my collection of other races mounts.

Anyway, I was doing the Grand Melee daily quest to defeat three Valiants, but while dueling my first one, he started getting shot at with spells. A mage’s spells. I thought, “nice of you to help, whoever you are, but I’ve got it handled.” Anyway, once that first Valiant fell, I saw who was helping me. It was a random Blood Elf mage. Let me repeat that. A Blood Elf Mage. Blood-Elf. Y’know, of the Horde. WTF was he doing, helping me win?! What, was he a turncoat to the Horde? He didn’t do allot of damage, but it was enough to make it easier on me. I swear, I have no idea how the Horde thinks.

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