Zul’Farrak Falls to Gavelier!!

I must have a sign on my forehead; “I run dwarven hunters through Zul’Farrak; ask me how!” In  the last week I’ve gotten two invites from dwarf hunters (one in my guild, one random one) to run them through Zul’Farrak. Now, each was pre-level 40, and Zul’Farrak is for levels 43-47, meaning that I was basically soloing the thing while simultaneously watching out for a straggler behind me. I told the guildie I’d get back to him because I was getting burned out from playing so long that day, but I had just logged on today when the latest request came in. I opted to give it a go, and I must say; for a level 75 ret-specced paladin, that dungeon is a cakewalk. Wow, was it easy! I let the hunter take everything, because it would have been selfish of me to take stuff I couldn’t use, just because I was there. The boss was easy as hell, and the only hard part was when the mobs of trolls stormed the altar we were standing on. Of course, that was only hard because I had to make sure my little buddy lived; nothing was even hardly hitting me. I’d fire off consecration to grab allot of aggro and methodically pound the punks to paste. Oh, and of course since it was my first time through, I nabbed an achievement for it. Fun times.

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