Wintergrasp Again?!

Wintergrasp. Again. I don’t know what my fascination is with that place. I just enjoy it so much! Anyway, we were defending in my latest match. I learned early on that I was able to solo level 80s at last. I took on a couple at full health and leveled them. At one point, a dwarf paladin just stood next to me as I dueled a troll hunter. What, was I a side show?  He did heal me after the fight, though, which was nice. At one point I was pounding on a blood elf death knight and had her almost dead when she healed up a good bit and cast Army of the Dead on me. No matter; I finished her off, which dismissed the extra undead. I also rode gunner on a Siege Engine for a while. At one point I was double teamed, but managed to finish off one of ‘em before finally being felled. I got more killing blows this match then ever before. This was partly because I realized something about my low DPS that I could fix (more on this later), but also due to my higher HP (I had 22k+ HP, raid buffs considered) and judicious use of bandages, heals and my bubble. I did try to use exorcism a couple of times out of habit, but naturally it was to no avail. We held tight for most of the match, but the Horde broke into the final section of the fort with about five or so minutes remaining. It was close, with them getting the interior keep’s door half down, but we captured all of the towers first, claiming another victory for the Alliance.

About my low DPS, I had been using Seal of Justice as my prot seal of choice for it’s stunning ability, but hadn’t factored in it’s effect on my damage output. I recently switched to Seal of Command (yeah, I’ve gotten that deep into the ret tree while prot) and I’m back up to around 1000 DPS from 600. I would use Seal of the Martyr but without Art of War’s ability to give me quick and easy heals, I run out of health too fast.

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