Warlock goes AWOL on Raid

I was in Nagrand on my daily route through Outland when there was a message in guild chat asking for help to get a lvl 24 or so dude in our guild the Jenkins title. I was hesitant to agree, seeing as how I was in the middle of something, but I decided to help. I got back to Stormwind as a group of about 10 or so of us, some guildies, some not, were assembling. While we waited, a couple of Hordies were seen flagged for PvP in Elwynn Forest. I rode out with the other level 70+ members of our minor raid and we laid them out. We then set out towards Blackrock Spire and we noticed that our Warlock, who was to summon the lower level dude to the dungeon, had died. He got miffed and logged off. This left us skrewt. With no warlock, the whole thing was ruined since we were just running it for the one guildie. We broke the raid up and I mentioned that the warlock needed a reprimand after that, at which point one of the guild leaders (who had organized the whole thing) told me he was on his alt in guild chat, and told me to go ahead. I told him that he’d screwed us all out of what we were trying to do, and he seemed to understand. In the end, we never did get the job done, but maybe we will another night.

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