Those Tenacious Horde

I was in Wintergrasp this morning, and besides learning that I was now able to collect the quests for Stone Keeper’s Shards, I learned what it’s like to be on the wrong end of Tenacity. The Horde had it stacked 9x, and it was a bear. I was getting one-shotted by mages, a Blood Elf paladin was holding a workshop by himself, and everyone was being slaughtered. We couldn’t kill enough Horde to get bigger tanks like Siege Engines and Demolishers because there weren’t enough Horde to kill, and those that were there were insanely overpowered. Once we had the big guns (mostly from killing the easy-to-kill Horde guard NPCs roaming around in the open), though, it was on and we took out both side walls to the keep. In the end push, with under five minutes remaining, I drove a siege engine into the keep and helped break down the final wall. We won, but I was far from safe. During the scrum at the wall my tank was destroyed and I was set upon by both Tactical Office Kilrath and Commander Dardosh at the same time. Two lvl. 80 elites at once!! People just walked past me like I wasn’t in peril or anything… just another day at the office. One fresh level 78 against two level 80 elites. Yup, nothing unfair there. The funny part? I didn’t die. lol I didn’t kill them, obviously, but I lived long enough to get out of their aggro range. It took all my mana (spent casting Flash of Light over and over, interspersed with an occasional Holy Light)  my Divine Shield and my Lay on Hands spell, but I lived. Yes! That was my biggest victory of the day. In a day where I killed Artruis the SOB, hit level 78 and beat the Horde at Wintergrasp while they were hugely buffed, living to tell the tale was my biggest success. And isn’t surviving what it’s all about?

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