The Wild, Wild Adventures of Oakleaf

Flying Oakleaf

I had just left a Wintergrasp battle where the Horde had taken the keep in less then five minutes when a guildmate, Oakleaf, told us he was having a problem. I flew to him in Howling Fjord and… you can see the results above. Dude was floating over my head! He later roamed under the ground, appearing only for short bursts above the surface when he’d jump. He eventually found out that he could stand on the cannons in Valgarde (“the only solid land in my world”, he said), but that was little consolation. He then proceeded to roam the zone while I tailed his dot on my map. I was so focused on that dot that I actually followed it off of a cliff! Since he was underground and not following the road, he was unaware the peril he put me in. Thankfully, my bubble saved my hide (again!). We never did find out what the problem was, but it reminded me of the the time I swam/flew through Hellfire Peninsula.

Oakleaf Underground


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