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I was asked today to help a level 25 guildie named Dameryus (the one we tried to get the Jenkins title for from that earlier post) do the paladin’s weapon quest, Test of Righteousness (which sounds like a test to see if you’re awesome or not, or maybe the coolest test ever, but it’s neither of those). The lvl. 17 hunter Hazo and his pet cat, Cat, tagged along. We first went and did Bailor’s Ore Shipment in Loch Modan for the first part (we started in Dun Morogh), and killed Chok’sul for good measure.  On our way to the Silverpine Forest and therefore Shadowfang Keep, we grabbed a few flightpoints and killed a few baddies, but I kept us back as we nearly ran afoul of the undead courier making his rounds in Hilsbrad Foothills with his body guards. They’re not problem for me anymore (note I said, anymore; they’ve killed me in the past), but I had two charges with me. Once past them, I led us past the turn to Shadowfang Keep… so we had to run back. Once there, we found out that it was closed. No, really. We got a message saying that there were too many instances running and we were unable to enter. Finally it let us in, and about a minute or so in, Hazo said he had to go, logging off in the dungeon. Not my idea of smart, but hey, to each his own. We got the part and promptly ran the dungeon just for kicks. We zipped back to Stormwind to regroup when dinner came calling for me, so I logged off for an hour or so.

When I logged back on, Dameryus was in the Deadmines, where the third piece of the puzzle was. I asked if he’d found someone else, and he said no, and that he needed help. I went over and was added to a group with him and two other paladins. One was ok, but the other was a pain in the ass. Rholland, was his name, and he wanted everything his way. No killing things for him, no ‘running’ of the dungeon (it had to be completed ‘properly’), he wanted all the treasure, all the cloth and everything that dropped was his to take (so he told us). He’s lucky I can’t kill Alliance players, ‘cuz I would have killed him. I was told not to kill things too quickly, so I just stayed back and healed. While in the Mast Room, the other non-jerk pally disappeared. Did he log off? No idea. Anyway, about at the entrance of the final section leading to the boat’s hold, I was told to ‘run it as fast as I could,’ and to kill whatever I wanted. That made the last part of the dungeon about 10x faster then the first part. However, Glory Hound wanted to kill Van Cleefe. So, I was back to healing.

RhollandOn our way out, Rholland stopped us and demanded any cloth we had. Dameryus said he had left it on the bodies for him because he was out of bag space. He turned to me and I told him, “you think I actually looted anything?” He wasn’t too convinced, but left.

Dameryus had to get of for a while, so we called it off for the night. Tomorrow we’re supposed to finish the quest, which will take us to Ashenvale.

Let this pic be a warning though; if you’re on the US server Cairne, look out for Rholland. The dude is a major pain in the ass. Dude was level 28 and talked down to me. I could have one-shotted his ass! Goes to show that how cocky some people can be.

Not smart, just cocky.

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