Random Post-Patch Rambles

Ever-Core the PunisherI finally got into WoW after four-plus hours of work last night. I won’t go into detail on it, because it’s not important. What I did want to talk about is my experiences post-patch.

First off, I immediately specced prot. I can’t afford dual specs yet, so I settled on prot for now. I hung out around the Ironforge practice dummies for a while and worked on my spell rotation, along with about ten or more other people. I also learned that I could hit the Heroic Boss dummy, whereas only a couple weeks (and two levels) ago I couldn’t hit the lvl 80 dummy. Alas, though, my DPS did dip, almost to half it’s original state. Anyway, I later I went to the Outlands for my usual daily run: The Multiphase Survey, Intercepting the Mana Cells, and Sunfury Attack Plans. I like that set of dailies because I can go from Shattrath to Nagrand to Blade’s Edge Mountains to the Netherstorm in a straight run. I was killing Sunfury agents for their attack plans when I saw this big blue dude come stalking through. Now, I’d been to this exact locale many times to get the attack plans, but I had never seen such a creature. I decided it would be a good test of my new spec. In no time at all, I had slain Ever-Core the Punisher, netting myself the Medium Rare achievement for killing a very rare mob. I scored his Arcane Loop for the deed, as well.

While I was in Ironforge earlier, I bought up a Titanium Weapon Chain and a unit of Jormungar Leg Armor. I’m now hunting for a blacksmith to make me Tempered Saronite Shoulders, which should put me in a good position, stat-wise.

I eventually found my way back to Dalaran. I nabbed a quick daily to find a Ghostfish, which will be easier for me now that Blizzard has relieved the level requirements for fishing. I also got asked to go find Hemet Nesingwary in Sholazar Basin. I took the flight offered, got shot down (which was part of the quest), and then helped Hemet and his crew out some. I helped put their Spirit of Gnomeregan plane back together, netting me another flight point. I also did the It Could Be Anywhere! quest, which was insanely easy for the 18.5g it nets you.

Lastly, now that I’m in Sholazar, I’m finding Saronite nodes to mine, which will hopefully help me get the gold I need to net dual specs. Here’s hoping!

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