Going Prot

I appear to have made my decision on what to do come patch day (which is confirmed for tomorrow): I’m gonna give prot a try. I bought a Saronite Defender from the AH and had a blacksmith make me a Savage Cobalt Slicer. I also trained my one-handed sword skill from around 50 or so to almost 380 this evening, which means I must be pretty set on going prot. Going this route also means that Shield of Righteousness is no longer a lost spell. Now, if only I could scrape together 1000g to use dual specs and keep ret.

In other news, I roamed into Sholazar Basin the other day, and  was completely lost. It  was like a nightmarish reenactment of my first foray into Stanglethorn Vale, with a little Un’Goro Crater thrown in. It was never posted here because it happened well before this blog started, but I had a heck of a time my first trip in to STV. I knew Booty Bay had to be down south somewhere, but I was only level 30 and most of the mobs I crossed would have eaten me alive, so I ran non-stop from Duskwood to Booty Bay, chugging potions and using Divine Protection to survive. My family was around at the time and laughed at me as I ran from cats, raptors and gorillas. Now, it just so happens that the same thing happened in Solozar Basin, except that I had no idea where a safe area with a flight point would be. I circled the zone twice, panicked by crocolisks, rhinos and giant bugs. Of course, I had witnesses again. Fortunately, this time I had my charger and Crusader Aura. All I kept saying to myself was that as long as I was on my horse, I was going to be fine. I finally found the flight point near the River’s Heart, did a quick quest, and then hearthed back to Dalaran for safety.

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