Gav’s Pet Ponderings

Smoky Here’s a picture of me and Li’l Smoky.  I ran through the back door of Gnomeregan the other evening to nab Smoky’s and Pet Bombling’s schematics, and later got around to making Smoky. As you can see in the pic, he lives up to his name.

It’s neat that both Gnomish and Goblin engineers can make these pets, but that kind of kills their rarity. Now, everyone can have their own Li’l Smoky or Pet Bombling.

In any case, it’s another pet towards the Shop Smart, Shot Pet… Smart achievement, which would net me the Reeking Pet Carrier.

Do I really want a skunk, though? Not really. I just want the next achievement’s pet: the Little Fawn. Now THAT’s a rare pet.

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