Gav’s Buff, the Scaret Collapse, and Wintergrasp Hell

No pics to accompany the subject this time; just a report: I absolutely pwned the Scarlet Monastery. I was just going to run the first two wings (cemetery and library) but they fell so easily that I pressed my advantage and swept through the armory and cathedral as well. I got allot of sweet loot, but nothing I could use. It all sold good, though! lmao

In other news, I went back into Wintergrasp again, but this was to be a terrible trip. My computer couldn’t take the strain and I got booted from the server. Once I logged back in, I was dead, of course. I died three more times when my computer would freeze and I was unable to react. Before that started, I was doing fine! Stupid computer.

I got together with a few guildies this evening and hung out in Ironforge. Two guildies found me in the auction house and we hung out for a while. A fourth guildie showed up as well. It wasn’t very productive but it was fun.

I’ve been enchanting or otherwise buffing my equipment lately. I put a heavy borean armor kit on my Blood-Tempered Spaulders, Super Stats on my Clutch of the Storm Giant, Greater Savagery on my new Honed Cobalt Cleaver, an Eternal Belt Buckle (with an Enchanted Pearl gem socketed) for my Girdle of Forceful Annihilation, and a guildie hit me with IceWalker for my Implacable Zombie Crushers. I’m better equipped now to quest, level and hit up Wintergrasp once in a while.

Finally, I got  a Froststeel Lockbox the other day, but I was unable to find someone to open until this morning. Once opened, I found a Rust-Covered Polearm, which was sweet, but I wasn’t going to use it. To the auction house it went. Yay!

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