Gavelier vs. Stratholme IV: The Final Encounter


It’s taken me six levels and over two months, but I’ve finally put an end to Baron Rivendare’s evil. When I first attempted the dungeon in early February, I was level 71. Now, at level 77, I was finally able to see him fall before me. He wasn’t very hard at all, actually. In fact, I had more trouble with some of the trash mobs ganging up on me then he gave me. I shrugged off his attempts at summoning help with my Consecration spell and wore him down. I never dropped below 95% health in the battle.


I can now put Stratholme behind me. Unless, of course, I want the Deathcharger’s Reigns and… I might. In any case, I can at least close the book on this chapter of Gav’s career. Next stop: Level 80!

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