Gavelier: The Uldaman Undertaker

Gav at Uldaman 

ArchaedasTonight, Gav conquered Uldaman, slaying Archaedas as the server was going down for patch-day  maintenance. The warning that the server was shutting down in fifteen minutes cropped up just as I was awakening Archaedas, adding a level of stress to the battle. Other then that, I cruised. I completed a few quests, killed every boss in the place, and nabbed some gear for selling later. There was nothing that stood out, to be honest, and nothing I could use. I  got lost escaping the dungeon, though, and there was less then 15 second to server shutdown when I arrived back in Thelsamar in Loch Modan.

In other dungeon-y news, I ran the Library and Armory branches of the Scarlet Monastery a few more times, trying to grab some goodies I wanted. I got one of them (the Dog Whistle), but through four runs was unable to get a Scarlet Tabard. I also experimented with both my Forged Cobalt Claymore and my Savage Cobalt Slicer/Saronite Defender combo, alternating on runs and although I was still specced ret, I found that I was doing about even damage between the two. Maybe my DPS will stay around 1200 after I swap specs tomorrow morning, after all.

FYI: If anyone cares, this is going to be my new spec. I’d toyed with going two levels deep in Holy to get more intellect, but Benediction and Improved Judgements are too tempting.

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