Gav Vs. Stratholme 3: The Reckoning

Guess what? I finally did it! Take a look:

The Door is Open!

Booyah! I got that door open this time, and in I went! I was lucky, though; I thought to bring three Seaforium Charges, because I ended up needing two of them. What if I’d only had one?! That’s a scary thought! Anyway, I had a tough time inside, since the human defenders were immune to my best tricks (Holy Wrath and Exorcism). I finally got to the ‘boss’, Grand Crusader Dathrohan. However, shortly into the battle, he turned into the demon, Balanazzar! This ticked me off, since he healed back up, but – guess what? Holy spells FTW!

Gav Wins!

I won, and sat in this seat just to show off. Ha, Gav gets the last laugh! I’ve finally conquered my personal nemesis!

… Now what? lol I’ve finally completed my overarching goal, so I guess I’ve got to make a new one. Who knows what it’ll be? We’ll have to wait and see!

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