Gav Takes to the Tourney


Gavelier has entered the Argent Tournament! I was unaware that the tournament was accessible starting at level 77, but it is. Oh, that’s right: Gav’s level 77 now. I got there by doing quests in Zul’Durak. They were – by and large – rather straight forward and involved little to no danger. Heck yeah! Also, I’m up to 320g or so, climbing that ladder to get dual specs.

As for the tournament, so far it’s been rather straight forward. Combat is fairly simple, but nowhere near easy. I’m going to be a while, learning what’s what! Anyway, I’m off to Grizzly Hills next, with a quest to kiss a frog (ick), and then it’s off to  Crystalsong Forest to nab some lumber. I’ll check back in later.

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