Gav Royally Screws Up

SadGav Damn. Damn damn damn damn damn. I feel so bad for Nutcrusher/Loosecanon, a dude I offered to make a Li’l Smoky and Pet Bombling for. Only too late (about 100g too late, lol) I found out that they were Bind on Pickup and untradeable. God, I felt bad. Fortunately, it was my money that was spent. I bought the parts up and built the Pet Bombling only to find it BoP.

Dude wasn’t mad at me (although, arguably, he should have been), and was real nice about the whole ordeal. I ran him through hoops to get where we were, only to hit a dead end.

In the end, the only good thing was that I didn’t have the Pet Bombling yet, and now I do. Again, sorry dude! I’ll find something you want sometime. Maybe a Mekgineer’s Chopper? I’ll hit 450 and build ya one. Free o’ charge. Then we’ll be even, you’ll see! lol

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