Gav Returns to Wintergrasp, Shows it What-For

In my first trip to Wintergrasp in two levels, I helped try and defend the keep from the Horde. I died twice but had six killing blows, leading to a 3-1 kill-to-death ratio. Not bad, but it was just a warm-up.

Tonight I ran a quick quest through the Scarlet Monastery, getting stuck there during a server hang. I was unable to interact with anything, and could walk straight through the warp wall. It was frustrating. Anyway, I was on my way back to Ironforge when I saw there were 5 minutes to the next Wintergrasp battle. I hearth stoned to Dalaran and joined the raid. In this battle, I killed 13 Horde and never died. Heck yeah! I stunned the Horde and killed them. It took a while to kill anyone, but with them stunned, they weren’t much of a threat. The game was also lagging like crazy, which could have contributed to my success. I chugged three Runic Healing Potions and a Super Rejuvenation Potion and went through two bandages, but I lived. With a 13-0 KtD ratio, it was my best match to date. Overall, we swept into the keep and took it with little resistance. I nabbed a handful more Wintergrasp Marks of Honor and traded them for a Wintergrasp Commendation, netting me another 2000 honor points. I also hit 500 honorable kills this match.

The Raid, Pre-Battle

I think I like Lake Wintergrasp.

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