Exorcism, Now PvP-Free

Is exorcism overpowered in PvP? Blizzard seems to think so. They’ve slipped a nerf into their latest 3.1.1 patch that invalidates it in PvP. Now, someone explain this to me. Are there any other powers in the game not available in PvP that work in PvE? My opinion is that Blizzard still finds pallys a little too bursty. How, I don’t know. The highest played other classes is up to level 20 (my human warlock Crane), but there my biggest difference I noticed was that the cooldowns/DoTs crossed up and you didn’t end up with everything on cooldown at the same time and have to rely on white damage from your weapon for a short time until something is ready again. At that point pallys roll through their rotation again and wait. Again. My answer would be to either switch up the cool downs, make pally powers work differently enough that we’re forced to decide what to use when, or add more DoTs. As a newly prot-specced pally, I’ve found that I need to hold back on Avenger’s Shield for when I need it’s silencing effect because of the longer cool down. That’s one idea that works. How could the other spells be improved as such? I don’t have an answer. Does anyone else?

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